#ThisGuyScored: Edmonton Oilers 2017 Edition

Death, taxes and the Oilers leaving guys wide open to score. If it wasn’t for the Hall trade I might not be able to run this blog again! Content back to old Jultz levels.

October conclusion: Adam Larsson is not Marc-Eduard Vlasic despite the narrative.

November conclusion: It’s also probably best if you ignore how often McDavid or Eberle aren’t within a mile of their man who scores.


December 9 vs Wild

December 8 vs Flyers

December 6 vs Sabres

Note: While this one isn’t egregious at first glance, it made the cut essentially because Lucic (27) had good position on Gionta (12) but stopped skating for no real reason, allowing Gionta to score on an otherwise pretty well defended entry. Lucic has good position at the dot, but stops moving with Gionta and opts for a lazy stick wave over the body position he had a stride before. I notice it a lot doing these posts that they are quite harmless plays as they develop and then out of nowhere one of two things happen.

1) A forward will leave his check expecting the d-man to take over, but they don’t and you get a guy alone in tight for a redirect, tap in or one timer. Maybe the forward is thinking “There isn’t a play here. I can let the guy go, and the D & G can handle this” which is kinda how they’re taught since most teams play zone defence and not man-to-man, but the release is frequently coming too early or isn’t communicated/read at all by the defenceman/goalie.
2) The Oilers will have good coverage and inexplicably a player will leave his zone/man to give a 2on1 defensively, but its almost always the wrong guy supporting ie) the guy covering the slot or back door (primary defensive forward – F1) with no one else to take over. When the offensive player sees this and makes a good pass, the defender (F1, sometimes its D2) going to help is quite often in no-mans-land defensively during the scoring assist. This leaves a lot of guys open in dangerous areas on what were harmless, well positioned defensively plays. (Its often F1 on the play supporting extra [generally good] while F2 or F3 are in no position to cover for F1 [really bad]).

I do try to be a little fair when I do this like generally not using PP goals or goals off strange bounces/bad rebounds, but there are a good number of plays I find myself saying “Why wasn’t he covered? They had good position two seconds ago.” The team just seems to be so puck focused.

December 4 vs Wild

December 3 vs Ducks

December 1 vs Jets

November 29 vs Leafsnov29-1nov29-2nov29-3nov29-4

November 27 vs Coyotes

November 23 vs Avalanche

November 17 vs Kings

November 15 vs Ducks

November 13 vs Rangers

November 11 vs Stars

November 8 vs Penguins

November 6 vs Red Wings

November 3 vs Rangers

November 1 vs Leafs

October 30 vs Senators

October 20 vs Blues

October 18 vs Hurricanes

October 16 vs Sabres

From beyond center ice for Ryan O. (Vine by @Buccigross) https://t.co/xdOAt8DtEP

— Rickard Bergquist (@sportblogg) October 17, 2016


October 12 vs Flames


Summer Movie Reviews: Now With 100% More Terrible August Movies

Shaun The Sheep 4/5

This was a lot of fun. Its definitely aimed for kids but can be enjoyed by all ages. There isn’t one line of dialogue in the film but you know exactly what is happening at all times. Great music and sound effects. Its funny and charming and good. Sheep do good!

Hitman: Agent 47 1.5/5

More like Shitman.

This movie personifies why video game movies are bad. Because the person making the film has no idea what makes the game itself good. They just think “Video games means explosions and nonsense action and ridiculous fights” where it doesn’t always mean that.

Hitman is a game about strategy and being methodical. It’s like Jason Bourne when he’s doing his infiltrating and not fighting. This movie is a CGI turd.

American Ultra 2/5

It wasn’t that it was terrible. Just that it wasn’t good. It has nothing to do with “being an original idea” or whatever whiny excuse you have, because it isn’t original.

Its just lame. The tone is weird and the way some characters are written don’t make a lick of sense at times. Some movies get away with that because there is enough charisma and charm to make up for it. This doesn’t have that.

We Are Your Friends 2/5

Emily Ratajkowski is gorgeous.

As for the movie, it is Entourage but not as charming or good or interesting.

Group of friends want to become each their own part of a touring DJ thing. Stage manager, booking manager, DJ, etc. and then they meet a girl as they go around performing.

I got the feeling this was written a few years ago when EDM was really trending up and they were just late to getting this out. It probably would have done better then.

Transporter: Re-fueled 1.5/5

Any movie that has the sub-title of “Re-” anything is terrible. Reloaded, refueled, revenge, retribution, recharged, etc. Terrible.

It isn’t even a dumb action movie you can enjoy for being dumb. Its just another film with noise and crap flying everywhere and poor pacing.

Never thought I’d find myself saying “Gee I sure miss Jason Statham!”


To come this summer/year for shizzle:

  • James Bond: Spectre, November 6
  • The Peanuts Movie, November 6
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens, December 18

Summer Movie Reviews: Now With 100% More NWA

Straight Outta Compton 5/5

I was so fascinated by the story going on. I was passingly aware of the story beforehand, I had never sat down and read up on it or anything, but to see it fleshed out was enthralling.

Its a great history lesson. Even if you aren’t a fan of the music, there is no reason you should not be a fan of the film and the way it has presented what times were like.

The movie goes from documentary to bio-pic and back. What I mean by that is you see a lot of gritty, serious reality of the time period and then you might get a scene that feels more like a movie.

I’m really not comfortable saying anything in the movie is really dramatized. From we know about police conduct at the time to how rappers party to how they all went their own way felt very genuine.

The performances are all terrific. It focuses on Ice Cube, Eazy E and Dr. Dre, and all three leads are phenomenal. They each have a terrific scene at the start of the film introducing you to their situation and it sets the tone so well. The best performance to me came from Ice Cube’s son playing Ice Cube. From the little things like mannerisms to the impressive range he showed despite never having acted in a movie before is astounding.

There are some great cameos towards the second half of the movie where you get a bit of a glimpse into the rappers from the early 90’s that also came to prominence.

It is paced very well and there is some terrific humour to help break up the movie at times when its dealing with some real serious subject matter. I can’t recommend the movie enough.


To come this summer/year:

  • Hitman: Agent 47, August 21
  • Pan, October 9
  • Goosebumps, October 16
  • James Bond: Spectre, November 6
  • The Peanuts Movie, November 6
  •  The Martian, November 27
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens, December 18
  • Before We Go, September 4 (or something?)

Summer Movie Reviews: Now With 100% Tom Cruise

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation 4/5

I’m happy that Tom Cruise is back and making good movies. He’s been doing well with Mission Impossible and the criminally underrated/under-appreciated/under-everything-ed Edge Of Tomorrow: Live. Die. Repeat.

However… this was legitimately good. Not like best movie of the summer good, but definitely top five of the summer good.

I’m a sucker for spy/espionage movies almost as much as I am for heist movies.

A lot of nuts stuff happens that makes you go “That’s nuts and is unrealistic!” but at the same time you find yourself believing it because Tom Cruise is basically a super hero when he is Ethan Hunt.

Fun fact: I’ve been watching these movies since the first one and always thought his name was Ethan Hawke.

There is some real neat cinematography. There are excellent practical effects and stunts. There are lots of swanky setups/payoffs.

The plot is simple enough and you’ve seen it before in spy movies. There is a secret spy organization that is evil and the good secret spy organization needs to stop them. And its really fun to watch because it keeps hitting you with swerves and surprises.

There is a real snazzy opera scene. A thrilling underwater scene. A woohoo car and motorbike chase. The climax involves some awesome non-action. Its hard to dislike anything because its so much fun.

I also think that this one is the funniest of the series. The humour isn’t hitting you over the head, but its more dry delivery of lines and some visual gags. I like that.

Go see it. Tom Cruise does real good Tom Cruise-ing.


To come this summer/year:

  • Straight Outta Compton, August 14
  • American Ultra, August 21
  • Hitman: Agent 47, August 21
  • Pan, October 9
  • Goosebumps, October 16
  • James Bond: Spectre, November 6
  • The Peanuts Movie, November 6
  •  The Martian, November 27
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens, December 18
  • Before We Go, September 4 (or something?)

Summer Movie Reviews: Now With 100% More Henry “Archer” Cavill

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. 3/5
henrycavill archer 1

Henry Cavill is literally the spitting image of Sterling Archer. It is almost distracting when you watch the movie. The characters even tread on similar personality territory. Dang, even their hair is the same.

Anyway, moving on to the movie. I really liked it. I had a lot of fun watching it. I enjoyed the style and the visuals of the film. There is some really excellent cinematography in the shots.

I’m also a sucker for spy movies, whether they are like this, the Bourne movies, The Winter Soldier, etc. Love it.

It really picks up steam as it goes, especially after a bit of a swerve leads to an enthralling torture scene. Yup.

The movie goes from light-hearted spy shenanigans to darker, more serious scenes surprisingly well. There is some great tension building as well as some very dry humour, which is generally my favourite, to break things up.

Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer have a good dynamic with each other. I don’t know if its by design, I think it is, but Hammer and Alicia Vikander never seem natural together, but that adds to their… relationship?

Overall, its a little uneven, but its worth a watch. It isn’t perfect, but not everything can be Inside Out or Mad Max this summer. It’s a great date/night out movie.


To come this summer/year:

  • Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, July 31
  • Straight Outta Compton, August 14
  • American Ultra, August 21
  • Hitman: Agent 47, August 21
  • Pan, October 9
  • Goosebumps, October 16
  • James Bond: Spectre, November 6
  • The Peanuts Movie, November 6
  •  The Martian, November 27
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens, December 18
  • Before We Go, September 4 (or something?)