#ThisGuyScored Vancouver Canucks Edition

#FireBenning – Benning has been fired so this post is defunct for now.

Nov 29, 2021 – vs Montreal Canadiens 1-1

Look at this shit

Nov 28, 2021 – vs Fuck Boston 2-3 L

Nov 26, 2021 – vs Columbus Blue Jackets 4-2 L

Adam Boqvist 1-2

Nov 24, 2021 – vs Pittsburgh Penguins 1-4 L

Zach Aston-Reese 0-3

Evan Rodrigues 0-2

Link to goal

Nov 13, 2021 – vs Vegas Golden Knights 4-7 L

Jonathan Marchessault 4-7

Evgenii Dadonov 4-6

Jake Leschyshyn 3-4

Brayden McNabb 2-3

Nov 11, 2021 – vs Colorado Avalanche 1-7 L

JT Compher 1-7

Logan O’Connor 0-4

Mikko Rantanen 0-3

Gabriel Landeskog 0-2

Nov 9, 2021 – vs Anaheim Dorks 2-3 OTL

Isac Lundestrom 0-2

Nov 7, 2021 – vs Dallas Stars 6-3 W

Luke Glendending 3-2

Nov 5, 2021 – vs Nashville Predators 2-3 L

Phil Tomasino 2-3

Matt Duchene 2-2

Oct 28, 2021 – vs Philadelphia Flyera 1-2 L

James van Riemsdyk 1-2

Oct 26, 2021 – vs Minnesota Wild 2-3 L

Matt Dumba 1-3

Mats Zuccarello 0-1

Oct 19, 2021 – vs Buffalo Sabres 2-5 L

Tage Thompson 2-4

Jeff Skinner 2-3

Oct 13, 2021 – vs Edmonton Oilers 2-3 SOL

Jesse Puljujärvi 0-1

#ThisGuyScored: Edmonton Oilers 2017 Edition

Death, taxes and the Oilers leaving guys wide open to score. If it wasn’t for the Hall trade I might not be able to run this blog again! Content back to old Jultz levels.

October conclusion: Adam Larsson is not Marc-Eduard Vlasic despite the narrative.

November conclusion: It’s also probably best if you ignore how often McDavid or Eberle aren’t within a mile of their man who scores.


December 9 vs Wild

December 8 vs Flyers

December 6 vs Sabres

Note: While this one isn’t egregious at first glance, it made the cut essentially because Lucic (27) had good position on Gionta (12) but stopped skating for no real reason, allowing Gionta to score on an otherwise pretty well defended entry. Lucic has good position at the dot, but stops moving with Gionta and opts for a lazy stick wave over the body position he had a stride before. I notice it a lot doing these posts that they are quite harmless plays as they develop and then out of nowhere one of two things happen.

1) A forward will leave his check expecting the d-man to take over, but they don’t and you get a guy alone in tight for a redirect, tap in or one timer. Maybe the forward is thinking “There isn’t a play here. I can let the guy go, and the D & G can handle this” which is kinda how they’re taught since most teams play zone defence and not man-to-man, but the release is frequently coming too early or isn’t communicated/read at all by the defenceman/goalie.
2) The Oilers will have good coverage and inexplicably a player will leave his zone/man to give a 2on1 defensively, but its almost always the wrong guy supporting ie) the guy covering the slot or back door (primary defensive forward – F1) with no one else to take over. When the offensive player sees this and makes a good pass, the defender (F1, sometimes its D2) going to help is quite often in no-mans-land defensively during the scoring assist. This leaves a lot of guys open in dangerous areas on what were harmless, well positioned defensively plays. (Its often F1 on the play supporting extra [generally good] while F2 or F3 are in no position to cover for F1 [really bad]).

I do try to be a little fair when I do this like generally not using PP goals or goals off strange bounces/bad rebounds, but there are a good number of plays I find myself saying “Why wasn’t he covered? They had good position two seconds ago.” The team just seems to be so puck focused.

December 4 vs Wild

December 3 vs Ducks

December 1 vs Jets

November 29 vs Leafsnov29-1nov29-2nov29-3nov29-4

November 27 vs Coyotes

November 23 vs Avalanche

November 17 vs Kings

November 15 vs Ducks

November 13 vs Rangers

November 11 vs Stars

November 8 vs Penguins

November 6 vs Red Wings

November 3 vs Rangers

November 1 vs Leafs

October 30 vs Senators

October 20 vs Blues

October 18 vs Hurricanes

October 16 vs Sabres

From beyond center ice for Ryan O. (Vine by @Buccigross) https://t.co/xdOAt8DtEP

— Rickard Bergquist (@sportblogg) October 17, 2016


October 12 vs Flames

“This Guy Scored” by the Oilers

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With the Oiler’s NHL season officially ending just a few days ago, I decided to go back over the last 2 months for all the #oilerzzz moments and wrap everything up in here. I hope you enjoy and please check out my other hockey writing at the link above!

April 11, 2015 april11april11-2april11-3april11-4 April 9, 2015 april9april9-2 April 7, 2015

April 4, 2015 april4april4-2 April 2, 2015 april2april2-2april2-3april2-4april2-5 April 1, 2015 april1april1-2april1-3 March 30, 2015 march30 March 25, 2015

March 23, 2015 march23 March 21, 2015 march21 march21-2 March 18, 2015 march18 March 13, 2015march13march13-1march13-2march13-3 March 12, 2015 march12march12-1 March 9, 2015 march9-1march9-2 March 8, 2015 march8march8-1 March 3, 2015 march3march3-1 February 28, 2015 feb28 February 20, 2015 feb20 feb20-1 feb20-2 February 18, 2015 feb18 feb18-1 February 16, 2015 feb16 February 14, 2015 sens oil Then it happened again, but against the Oilers!oil sense February 12, 2015 hasb oils February 7, 2015 leafs oil February 2, 2015 tgsSJ1tgssharks2 January 31, 2015 tgsflames2-1tgsflames2-2 This also happened refref2 January 20, 2015 tgscapstgscaps2 January 15, 2015 (thanks again to Jeanshorts) tgsLightning January 13, 2015 (thanks to JSBM Jeanshorts) tgsblues(This did not result in a goal, but like come on!) December 31, 2014 tgsflames tgsflames2 tgsflames3 December 27, 2014 tgs1cal tgs2cal tgs2cal2 December 16, 2014 tgs2TGSphx December 7, 2014 (They actually won this game!) B4Tgki7CQAAQDnj November 21, 2014 (Did not lead to a goal, but still holy crap!) November 19, 2014 Embedded image permalink Embedded image permalink Embedded image permalink November 4, 2014 Embedded image permalink November 1, 2014 B1aYJVeCYAA3gl8 October 15, 2014 Embedded image permalinkEmbedded image permalink October 14, 2014 October 11, 2014 B0MwJXxCMAAHNv0 October 9, 2014 BzjzRbiCYAEyu2R October 2nd, 2014 BzB5Y2ICEAAw9sZ And for lolz, other terrible defence

Canada Announces Olympic Hockey Roster. Reaction and Analysis

After some hilarious dubstep, and some dry, drawn out speaches, at 11 AM EST today Steve Yzerman and Hockey Canada announced the 25 individuals who will make up Team Canada for the 2014 Sochi Olympic games. The team is comprised of 14 forwards, 8 defenceman, and 3 goalies, even though only 22 players can be dressed for a game. These 25 men will be tasked with trying to repeat as Olympic gold winners for the first time since NHL players have been allowed participation into the Winter Olympics.

Quick analysis? Among the men selected for this monumental task, there are are not that many surprises. There are a lot of fresh faces on the team with just under half never having appeared at the Olympics. The roster does not seem to be as “over thought” to the degree many were fearing. This is good, but there were some strange selections.

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