Total Divas S3 E9 21 Point Review

  1. Don’t buy a truck you can’t drive without hitting things/not park.
  2. Off to a rolicking good start to marriage counseling Natty. “DON’T BLAME ME FOR EVERYTHING!” Before you even get through the door.
  3. A wild Jojo has appeared!
  4. a) I’m with Eva. Why do you bring that up ‘at work’?
    b) Eva, you don’t actually do anything so it isn’t work. You’re just there. You’re not working. You’re taking up space in catering.
  5. … no more in-ring segments please. PLEASE stop them.
  6. TJ is boss. Tells Natty how it is! Not letting her off the hook. #TeamTJ
  7. When they talked about Mullholland all I could think of was Iron Man.
  8. Oh Brie, STFU. Don’t act like you’re doing this for any other reason than for the reality show.
  9. Ambrose! Why did DB not go? I can only imagine how hard Ambrose parties.
  10. Arianne is shit tier at house shopping. Its hard to haggle when you openly gush in front of the realtors. Plus, there is 2 of you. 6 bedrooms is too much for 2 people.
  11. Oh look, its Naomi for her 15 seconds.
  12. Gosh, Natty has no respect for TJ and then gets mad at TJ for not being “nice”. Yes, you are controlling and nagging and angry.
  13. “You’re gonna fold it in the front room?” LOL
  14. Oh Vinny… you’re such a good guy. Poor Vinny.
  15. 0_0 that negotiation… O__O, O__o… o__0? On both sides…
  16. “Suprised you didn’t throw some dishes on the lawn!” Go TJ! Go TJ! Its your birthday! Go TJ!
  17. TJ is just so Canadian. He’s packing clothes into a hockey bag!
  18. A conversation with Eva Marie: “honestly like, i don’t even know, like, you know, like its honestly like, i don’t know like”
  19. Papa Marie has made an epic face turn this season
  20. My reaction to Natty getting mad at TJ at the end -__-
  21. “I’ve prided myself on being a professional. That’s why I decided to make a scene at work where you were being professional and I went totally nuts Ms Piggy style”

Total Divas S3 E8 16 Point Review

  1. I’m positive they ADR in ring tones in post.
  2. OMG TEEN CHOICE AWARDS :/ lol @DB’s reaction
  3. Eva has no charisma. All the presence of a pine cone. No personality. Just generic insufferable hot girl.
  4. How in the world is Eva going to ever improve in the ring if she isn’t living near NXT? :/
  5. Rosa needs Tinder. And to make up her mind about what she wants in dudes.
  7. Oh god… Eva driving trucks… with trailers…
  8. Oh Summer… Summer no… no, Summer no… (That was so a reality TV set up!)
  9. Eva is awful. #TeamJonathan
  10. Brie thinks she’s about 10000x the celeb she is. If she re-wore a dress, no one would notice.
  11. Aight now, ease up there DB. Ease up… Although 22 BUCKS FOR COFFEE? WTF!? Stop having a bunch of 22 dollar coffees and $150 bar tabs for lunch with your sis and you’d have more free cash. But I’m speaking as a college student pinching every penny to be able to get boozed on the weekend.
  12. Reservation under “Diesel”? … Rosa I don’t think a guy named Diesel is the “one”. (Sorry John) And you met him on Instagram! :/
  13. She goes a little too hard on the first date…
  14. TAYLOR SWIFT!!!!!!
  15. Lesbo Rosa!
  16. Ariane STFU! She needs an attitude check. Jeezus Vinny. How do you deal with it?

Total Divas S3 E7 19 Point Review

  1. Rosa, ha! Holy fawk! Dayyum.
  2. Shut up Natty. My goodness. You’re about as fun as your “Uncle Bret”, who is the worst.
  3. I tried to look up this movie Nikki is in. No ratings, no metacritic, no tomato meter, and the preview was awful. Cena didn’t look impressed either.
  4. Cena’s my boy.
  5. Its Trinity for her 15 seconds of screen time. So glad they’re adding two more girls to the show without removing Brie, Eva, Ariane and Natty.
  6. Cena would be such a great heel. Just a pragmatic, serious heel.
  7. Does Nikki think that a sex scene actually involves banging in a mainstream film? Is she this stupid?!
  8. Cena’s look of utter counfoundedness is my favourite. Right up there with “no”. I need heel Cena. I need it. Segments like this make me crave it. Heel Cena.
  9. That date was… awkward? Or okay… I don’t know. It reminds me of dates I had when I was just getting into dating. Awkward innuendo and trying rom-com stuff because you’re too dumb to know any better.
  10. The Bella brother flips from face to heel way too often for me.
  11. Summer! That football footage. What a badass.
  12. Rosa creeping Summer. <3 I started creeping Summer too <3
  13. Ugh… girls and their dumbass texting rules.
  14. Eva “you can’t let him do a sex scene!” one scene later “he’s your man. support him. let him do it!”
  15. TJ rules. Laying it down. Telling her how it is! TJ! TJ! TJ!
  16. Uhh… thats… a second date… to say the least. Not surprised to see dude bounce.
  17. Oh no, Summer… no… Summer…
  18. You tell her TJ!
  19. Holy frack what a contrived “reality TV” storyline this ep was.

Total Divas S3 E6 18 Point Review

Yup. Doing Total Diva’s reviews. Usually do this just for a select few peeps but decided to bring them here. God help me.

  1. Cena checking out dem tittays.
  2. Ariane’s ghetto thing is insufferable. She obviously didn’t learn how to pin while she trained in NXT.
  3. I dig Rosa tearing into Eva. Eva blows. Everyone is so mean to Summer for no reason. Glad Rosa agrees.
  4. I bet Ariane trained more in the like 2 weeks (?) she was gone than Eva has yet.
  5. Natty, STFU. You married an Albertan and then complain about his Albertaness. That’s like getting fake tits and complaining they got bigger.
  6. Ugh… the editing of Divas matches… ffs. It still bothers me after 3 seasons.
  8. Vinny needs to become Ariane’s manager. He’s the best boyfriend/husband on the show. Poor dude deals with so much and is just a total bro about it. Like the nicest guy.
  9. Jonathan looks like a mini-Ryback.
  10. Where is Naomi?
  11. TJ is like every hick I went to highschool with. He’s the best.
  12. I love those spider-style bikinis. Holy moly.
  13. Brie is just awful. I can’t even decide if she’s worse in the ring or on the show. You’re on vacation. Do vacation.
  14. Vinny :( I want him to me my bro.
  15. Brie v Nikki. Mortal Kombat. Loser leaves RAW/Total Divas. Brie is the worst. I like how everyone else let her know how worst she is.
  16. Bitchmode Natty. I’d be long gone so long ago if I was TJ.
  17. I like how TJ is basically being his heel NXT self by not putting up with Natty’s BS.
  18. I really don’t dig how the shittier the girls are in the ring means they’re shittier on the show, but that is “popular” so they’ll never get released. Fudge off.

I found the script for Transformers 5

Its really nuts! Quite the story being told.

Humans you don’t care about have a stupid life and nonsense situations
Autobots chase Decepticons/Decepticons chase Autobots
Artifact shows up out of nowhere with nondescript universe altering powers
Bad guy shows up with a plan that makes no sense for anything but action scenes
Autobots have to get the artifact before the evil businessman/Decepticons
Girl makes oblivious sexual gesture for fap .gifs
American and Chinese flags
More stupid human nonsense situations to interrupt the action
Optimus defeats the bad guy with a nonsense powerup that would’ve been really handy the entire movie
Stupid nonsense speech about how Optimus will always protect earth
Closing explosion

*Insert product placement at all times