#ThisGuyScored: Edmonton Oilers 2017 Edition

Death, taxes and the Oilers leaving guys wide open to score. If it wasn’t for the Hall trade I might not be able to run this blog again! Content back to old Jultz levels.

October conclusion: Adam Larsson is not Marc-Eduard Vlasic despite the narrative.

November conclusion: It’s also probably best if you ignore how often McDavid or Eberle aren’t within a mile of their man who scores.


December 9 vs Wild

December 8 vs Flyers

December 6 vs Sabres

Note: While this one isn’t egregious at first glance, it made the cut essentially because Lucic (27) had good position on Gionta (12) but stopped skating for no real reason, allowing Gionta to score on an otherwise pretty well defended entry. Lucic has good position at the dot, but stops moving with Gionta and opts for a lazy stick wave over the body position he had a stride before. I notice it a lot doing these posts that they are quite harmless plays as they develop and then out of nowhere one of two things happen.

1) A forward will leave his check expecting the d-man to take over, but they don’t and you get a guy alone in tight for a redirect, tap in or one timer. Maybe the forward is thinking “There isn’t a play here. I can let the guy go, and the D & G can handle this” which is kinda how they’re taught since most teams play zone defence and not man-to-man, but the release is frequently coming too early or isn’t communicated/read at all by the defenceman/goalie.
2) The Oilers will have good coverage and inexplicably a player will leave his zone/man to give a 2on1 defensively, but its almost always the wrong guy supporting ie) the guy covering the slot or back door (primary defensive forward – F1) with no one else to take over. When the offensive player sees this and makes a good pass, the defender (F1, sometimes its D2) going to help is quite often in no-mans-land defensively during the scoring assist. This leaves a lot of guys open in dangerous areas on what were harmless, well positioned defensively plays. (Its often F1 on the play supporting extra [generally good] while F2 or F3 are in no position to cover for F1 [really bad]).

I do try to be a little fair when I do this like generally not using PP goals or goals off strange bounces/bad rebounds, but there are a good number of plays I find myself saying “Why wasn’t he covered? They had good position two seconds ago.” The team just seems to be so puck focused.

December 4 vs Wild

December 3 vs Ducks

December 1 vs Jets

November 29 vs Leafsnov29-1nov29-2nov29-3nov29-4

November 27 vs Coyotes

November 23 vs Avalanche

November 17 vs Kings

November 15 vs Ducks

November 13 vs Rangers

November 11 vs Stars

November 8 vs Penguins

November 6 vs Red Wings

November 3 vs Rangers

November 1 vs Leafs

October 30 vs Senators

October 20 vs Blues

October 18 vs Hurricanes

October 16 vs Sabres

From beyond center ice for Ryan O. (Vine by @Buccigross) https://t.co/xdOAt8DtEP

— Rickard Bergquist (@sportblogg) October 17, 2016


October 12 vs Flames


Gallery: “This Guy Scored” by the Oilers

Gonna pimp out my actual hockey blog right here: http://www.talkingbaws.com/category/adam-pyde/

With the Oiler’s NHL season officially ending just a few days ago, I decided to go back over the last 2 months for all the #oilerzzz moments and wrap everything up in here. I hope you enjoy and please check out my other hockey writing at the link above!

April 11, 2015 april11april11-2april11-3april11-4 April 9, 2015 april9april9-2 April 7, 2015

April 4, 2015 april4april4-2 April 2, 2015 april2april2-2april2-3april2-4april2-5 April 1, 2015 april1april1-2april1-3 March 30, 2015 march30 March 25, 2015

March 23, 2015 march23 March 21, 2015 march21 march21-2 March 18, 2015 march18 March 13, 2015march13march13-1march13-2march13-3 March 12, 2015 march12march12-1 March 9, 2015 march9-1march9-2 March 8, 2015 march8march8-1 March 3, 2015 march3march3-1 February 28, 2015 feb28 February 20, 2015 feb20 feb20-1 feb20-2 February 18, 2015 feb18 feb18-1 February 16, 2015 feb16 February 14, 2015 sens oil Then it happened again, but against the Oilers!oil sense February 12, 2015 hasb oils February 7, 2015 leafs oil February 2, 2015 tgsSJ1tgssharks2 January 31, 2015 tgsflames2-1tgsflames2-2 This also happened refref2 January 20, 2015 tgscapstgscaps2 January 15, 2015 (thanks again to Jeanshorts) tgsLightning January 13, 2015 (thanks to JSBM Jeanshorts) tgsblues(This did not result in a goal, but like come on!) December 31, 2014 tgsflames tgsflames2 tgsflames3 December 27, 2014 tgs1cal tgs2cal tgs2cal2 December 16, 2014 tgs2TGSphx December 7, 2014 (They actually won this game!) B4Tgki7CQAAQDnj November 21, 2014 (Did not lead to a goal, but still holy crap!) November 19, 2014 Embedded image permalink Embedded image permalink Embedded image permalink November 4, 2014 Embedded image permalink November 1, 2014 B1aYJVeCYAA3gl8 October 15, 2014 Embedded image permalinkEmbedded image permalink October 14, 2014 October 11, 2014 B0MwJXxCMAAHNv0 October 9, 2014 BzjzRbiCYAEyu2R October 2nd, 2014 BzB5Y2ICEAAw9sZ And for lolz, other terrible defence

Wut iz Social Technographics Profile?

Source material: groundswell by Li C., Bernoff, J


Social technographics profile? No, unfortunately this doesn’t refer to Aviici or Daft Punk or your every day rave. It refers to… how to classify your social media participators.  Still actually pretty cool, just without the lights and smoke machines and ear-bleeding base beats.

Quickly, the “social” refers to the people-to-people (P2P) activities in the groundswell. “Technographics” is all about Forrester Research’s methodology for surveying customers. Basically, demographics and psychographics of technology users.  The model serves to separate your consumers into groups. Once you can separate people into useful classifications, relative to how loosely or tightly based they are, it becomes easier to target your efforts towards them. Not unlike data mining.

There are 7 classifications defined by groundswell:

  1. Creators who make up social content on the go. Writing blogs, making videos or vlogs, taking/posting pictures.
  2. Conversationalist are the people who use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and are frequently updating their status and posting tweets/retweeting.
  3. Critics are people who make responses to other people’s content. Such as commenting on a blog or posting in the comments section of YouTube.
  4. Collectors  organize content for themselves or others either by updating RSS feeds or voting for stories on news sites or other sites like Reddit and Digg.
  5. Joiners these people are similar to the conversationalist in that they use and maintain social media profiles and have active profiles, but are much less frequent about posting.
  6. Spectators are people who consume and use what others produce online such as watching YouTube, reading blogs and other user generated content.
  7. Inactives are people who do not interact at all with social media or social technologies.

These classifications are fine, but the real power of the Social Technographics Profile is that it can help you understand how, which, what, why, and who is using specific social technologies and medias.  This information makes it easier when creating an appropriate social strategy.

One very good example of this is the Edmonton Oilers website. They play in Canada and are beloved by “Oil Country”.  Now think about Edmonton/northern Alberta  or “Oil Country”. A whole lot of oil workers, generally males, and most of these oil workers are under the age of 35.  What type of ads are running on the Oilers site? Credit cards (have more money… sorta!), Ford trucks (get that jacked up rig and fit in with all your buddies!) and ads for other “toys” that are quite expensive but are still material.  Also, the content is team stuff, team stuff and team stuff. Then, a little bit about the Octane girls. and the glory days. Fits right in with the oil workers up north and the general demographic of Oiler fans and what their interests are. Most of these guys, especially the workers, are spectators or joiners.

I mean, just look at this. Personification of North of Red Deer, and the NHL knows it.


Compare that site with the Vancouver Canucks website. The content is different. You get the same Visa ad but then the next ad (that I found through 15 refreshes) was about the finest cheese! Creme da le creme! OKA cheese! Cheese goes with wine and BC is wine country, plus I know from personal experience just how much B.C. people from the Okanogan all the way to the coast love their wine. But the content is also different on the home page. It is primarily community involvement and how you can get involved in all these great causes just like the team. Compare that with the more general “green” attitude of British Columbia, especially the Lower Mainland, and it fits with their demographic. Then along the bottom it is user generated content from Canucks fans! If I were to throw a knowledgeable guess out there, based on living in both places, your people in Vancouver are probably higher up in the Social Technographics Profile in comparison to your people in Edmonton.

Also, nothing seems specifically tailored to either gender on the Canucks’ site, while, to me at least, I just feel the Oilers’ site is aimed more at men.

This works across all markets and all products too. For instance, if you can effectively corner a segment of retirees and older adults (who tend to have more money, empty nest and all that) then there is great potential there for marketing.  Facebook ads man. Older people generally tend to be less desensitized to advertisements, especially online, than younger people. My mom clicks on more Facebook ads intentionally than I do accidentally.

Want ladies? Make a Pinterest page. Seriously, look at that.

SM pic(source)

74-36 guy/girl split a year ago. And Pinterest at least involves most of the users to the collector level, if not higher.

Quickly, translating this to video games (the initial point of this entire blog project), ever wonder why video games are targeted towards Americans? Probably because of thisthisthisthis and this. First, those sites generally all involve critics and conversationalists as well as some level of creationist. Secondly, Those traffic numbers are basically the only argument needed any time someone asks the afformention question. They have learned their audience.

Its just something to keep in mind. Most people know to ‘know’ their audience, but with social media its thrown a bit of a wrench in some things with companies only producing content that don’t take advantage of potential that the one-to-many or the many-to-many has. Find who you are “talking” to and give them something to make conversation.

Authors note: This was originally posted on my backup blog adamv2.wordpress.com

I’m back!


Did you miss me? I hope so. After some technical difficulties I’m back.


NFL – I don’t have a weekly opinion besides that Trent Richardson is just another trash Alabama running back who can’t cut it in the NFL. Gets up to the line… dances for 5 seconds and gets tackled. Indy is gonna regret this trade. Browns 3-0 since the trade! And since my Bucaneers are awful, go Browns!!


The Steam announcements

SteamOS – another point for Linux as Valve moves away from Microsoft. Curious to see where this will take the games library in a few years. Sony and Steam seem to be on board with eachother though so you might find PS4 games making their way onto this OS.

Steam Machine – I have a gaming PC but this could serve as a good “everything” box for people that like consoles. If there is a way to sync it with my PC and stream from it and I can play games in 1080p on my couch… well I may have to change my mind.

Steam Controller – The controller especially looks like nothing but a shooter controller. Granted I havent had a hands on but overall a resounding “meh”.  The big thing with PC games is key bindings. This controller appears to lack that. And honestly, I have no idea exactly how it works.


NHL – Everyone, sit down and take a deep breath. It is the first weekend of the season. No reason to panic. Unless you’re the Flyers (then its always time for panic). Dear Edmonton fans, I listen to you on the radio every morning. You’re great, but Devan Dubnyk is a good goaltender. He’s in the same range of starting goaltenders that has Corey Crawford and Jaroslav Halak.  Anything from 8-18 in the NHL is interchangeable. Maybe the team sucks because the defence is awful and the forwards don’t know what to do defensively? I think that is why.


I’ll have a new social media post up tomorrow or Wednesday, then another on Sunday or Monday and eventually a post about LinkedIn.