Jason Bourne Is So Cool And Mostly So Is His Movie

Jason Bourne 3.5/5

It isn’t my favourite Matt Damon Bourne movie, but its definitely in the top four.

I really like the “Old Man ____” storyline whenever it happens. Old Man Logan, Old man James Bond in Skyfall and the Die Hard movies to some degree. One of my favourite Power Rangers episodes is where old Rangers are called back into duty and they’re like “I’m too old for this” despite being canonically like 25. I really like how over the Marvel movies you’re see Tony Stark become Old Man Tony Stark.

I liked catching up with Jason as he lives out his life. What does an expertly trained super spy do when he’s retired and rogue? Well he trophy fights because everyone he gets close to gets shot by high powered rifles.

The action is good. I always enjoy how creative and inventive the espionage and fight scenes are. Really goes to show how well Bourne was trained. Makes me wanna kick some ass with like a paper plate, clothes hanger and a stapler or something.

Tommy Lee Jones plays the same kind of old white antagonist as the other films, but why mess with the formula?

Alicia Vikander’s character was okay. Maybe it was her accent that was putting me off? Something didn’t click all the way for me, but the character came well around by the end of the film. There is something about the super hacker that is just inherently lame. Same for Vincent Cassel as the Asset. Maybe it was because I kept having Ocean’s 12 flashbacks when I saw him.

The whole social media privacy NSA secrecy spying kind of story in general

Overall, I think there just wasn’t enough Bourne doing cool Bourne in it. He didn’t kidnap anyone and yell at them or anything or do the cool watching the secret office of government people when they don’t know he is. He did very little spy/infiltration stuff relative to the other films, but a whole lot of driving cars in wicked scenes and punching dudes. Maybe that had to do with him being Old Man Bourne.

Good time, worth your money at least on a cheap Tuesday. Or on a Wednesday if you hate crowds.


To Come (at some point):

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows
  • Batman: The Killing Joke
  • Suicide Squad (August 5)
  • Sausage Party (August 12)

6 thoughts on “Jason Bourne Is So Cool And Mostly So Is His Movie

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