5 Marvel Movies I Am Waiting For

Doctor Strange

Doctor-Strange Forgive the latency as I know they have began casting, but I can’t wait. I seriously can’t wait. I love all the magic shenanigans and I like that “powers” are actually becoming a thing in Marvel’s own universe. We have humans with a suit of armor, a soldier on super steroids, a science experiment gone wrong, gods and some master assassins. But no real “magic” like demons and stuff, as I consider Thor and Asgard their own thing and not magic in the Dr Strange way. Also quite like the fact he’d only be passively linked to the Avengers since he was never really an Avenger. Casting choice: Been hearing a lot about ol’ Benedict Cumberbatch which would be intersting, although I do dig the idea of Jack Huston.

Black Panther

blackpanther He’s cool, and Wakanda is cool. And he’s really cool. I’d love to see how they explain Wakanda being the super secretest place ever. A story is basically easy to write. The origin of becoming the Black Panther and then he has to fight off Evil Business Man’s Super Goon from getting all the vibranium. With the teasers from the Avengers that have come out, it seems to be sooner than later we’ll get this but I don’t want to spoil anything. Although I think considering he’s just another highly skilled human, essentially, it’d have to wait a bit until maybe someone like Cap/Widow/Hawkeye disappears for whatever reason. Casting choice: I like the idea of Chiwetel Ejiofor or Chadwick Boseman.

Captain Marvel

 I want Carol Danvers. And with all the space stuff that Marvel has gotten them into, Avengers 3 vs Thanos would be a great way to introduce her, or have her take a big role after something like Cap 3: Aliens! I’m most familiar with the Carol Danvers interation, and she has to be a blond lady. I’m sicking of losing all my blond super heroes. Us blonds want to be represented too. We’ve lost Green Arrow, Hawkeye, Cap, Starlord, Johnny Storm, Aquaman, Flash. Give me back my blonds! Casting choice: Emily Blunt and Emily Blunt only.


2961378-5391962284-marve The Nova Core is a lot like the Green Lantern Core but its way cooler. Or at least I think so because Hal Jordan sucks and he’s the number 1 GL going right now. Guy Gardner and John Stewart are way better than Hal Jordan. Nova, not the teenage kid one, is a space cop badass and his outfit looks like Judge Dredd. That’s awesome. And he can have a back door introduction in Guardians 2 or 3 or his straight up own movie. I’d rather see that than a lame Rocket Raccoon movie. Getting the chin is important here. Casting choice: Karl Urban would be fun because of how he rocked the Dredd outfit.

Hulk v Wolverine

hulk_vs_wolverine_by_juanex-d5l3gz7 This is the only crossover I could ever see happening. I think Fox and Marvel have a better chance of ever working together on a film than Sony and Marvel, and mainly because the talent, Hugh Jackman, seems interested, and I’m not convinced they’ll do a solo Hulk movie soon, but this could be a way to get there (Planet Hulk! World War Hulk!). Now that chance I talked about is only like a 5% chance, but it is a chance. How does it fit in the unity of the world? Its some serious cross realming, but they’ve made things work before I never assumed they could like Guardians. Could just say its some Alternate Universe thing. Time travel! Whatever. Biggest issue honestly is who goes over as the babyface here. Who plays the heel role. Can see the studios smashing and clawing each other over that. Casting choice: Mark Ruffalo and Hugh Jackman, duh.

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