Arrow S3 E1 Review: The Calm


I love this show. Its relatively well written, predominantly well acted and interesting with lots of nerd easter eggs for you nerds. One of the reasons I like the Oliver Queen character more than Bruce Wayne is because Ollie is a screw up. Far closer to your every-man than Batman. Batman’s basically perfect.

It kicks off with a nice little flashback to the yester-season. Catching you up to date so that you’re not horribly lost if you’re using this season as a jump in point. Basically, “Deathstroke and I fought and I won after stuff happened.”

Then we get introduced to Team Arrow featuring Roy Harper! They stop some truck driver who had RPGs. My mom asked why he’d threaten blowing them up with an explodey arrow and knocking the trailer off in the middle of the highway, but military grade explosives are a lot more stable than people give them credit for.

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