I found the script for Transformers 5

Its really nuts! Quite the story being told.

Humans you don’t care about have a stupid life and nonsense situations
Autobots chase Decepticons/Decepticons chase Autobots
Artifact shows up out of nowhere with nondescript universe altering powers
Bad guy shows up with a plan that makes no sense for anything but action scenes
Autobots have to get the artifact before the evil businessman/Decepticons
Girl makes oblivious sexual gesture for fap .gifs
American and Chinese flags
More stupid human nonsense situations to interrupt the action
Optimus defeats the bad guy with a nonsense powerup that would’ve been really handy the entire movie
Stupid nonsense speech about how Optimus will always protect earth
Closing explosion

*Insert product placement at all times


5 Marvel Movies I Am Waiting For

Doctor Strange

Doctor-Strange Forgive the latency as I know they have began casting, but I can’t wait. I seriously can’t wait. I love all the magic shenanigans and I like that “powers” are actually becoming a thing in Marvel’s own universe. We have humans with a suit of armor, a soldier on super steroids, a science experiment gone wrong, gods and some master assassins. But no real “magic” like demons and stuff, as I consider Thor and Asgard their own thing and not magic in the Dr Strange way. Also quite like the fact he’d only be passively linked to the Avengers since he was never really an Avenger. Casting choice: Been hearing a lot about ol’ Benedict Cumberbatch which would be intersting, although I do dig the idea of Jack Huston. Continue reading


Hey there blog followers!

First, thanks for reading my comic book turbonerd articles. They’ve been going over really well and lots of people have been stopping by to read them. Thanks!

Second, if you like the NHL, and you should, I have 14 articles I’ve been writing for the last couple of weeks that are going to start going live on Friday. I’ll be previewing the NHL over at www.talkingbaws.com.

I’ll be covering the playoff picture, who makes good trades and signings, who is bad at trades and signings and who looks pretty and all sorts of other hockey stuff!

Stay tuned and rock on.

How losing X-Men and Spider Man was best for Marvel and comic book movies

So I was doing some brain thinking about Guardians of the Galaxy and Thanos and Avengers 3 and stuff. Then I came back to more brain thinking about “Ah man, Spiderman and Wolverine gotta be in the Avengers man! I want Marvel to get those movie rights back so bad!”

Then I went all wait a second. Would we really even have Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, a shitty TV show, upcoming Netflix series’, the Avengers and Guardians if Marvel still had the rights to Spiderman and Xmen (Their 2 biggest franchises, especially pre-2008)? Or even Fantastic Four? And I came up with, “No”.

If they had those big franchises, they could have easily ridden things out with those. Would they have gotten to the Avengers universe, more or less, as we know it regardless? Probably, but it more likely would have been on the back burner and they would have trickled out more in the way that we’re now getting into Dr Strange and Ant Man and Guardians now. Continue reading