Marvel and DC Upcoming Movies – Thoughts And Stuff


So between right now and 2020 there are a billion movies scheduled to come out based on Marvel and DC properties.

I decided to do some brain thinking and drop a few thoughts on each movie listed for release.

August 7, 2015 – Fantastic Four

I want them to pull it off. There is a lot of really cool stuff that can be done if they do. Dr. Doom is the greatest villain in Marvel comics.

If it fails again, I can see Fox defaulting it back to Marvel which is what I want so I can get that much closer to one of those comic posters with every character on them but in a movie. But I want it to be successful, and I think it needs to be. Quality of comic book movies is important so that the bubble doesn’t burst and oversaturation isn’t an issue.

February 12, 2016 – Deadpool

I hope people expect this movie to be what it is. I think a lot of people aren’t properly familiar with Deadpool and might expect something else. They need to carefully walk the appropriate line between breaking the 4th wall, humour and shocking violence so that they’ll have something.

March 25, 2016 – Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

I’ve pulled a 180 on this movie. I didn’t have too much faith a year ago, but the trailer has me excited. I feel like I have a much better idea of the tone and direction and I’m on board. Now, whether the film hits all the right notes is another story. But DC seems totally committed to their universe, that’s good.

May 6, 2016 – Captain America: Civil War

I’m not a huge fan of the Civil War in the comics. But from what I can piece together at the end of Ant-Man and then filled with my own fan theory, I might actually dig this.

I also can’t wait to see all the heroes and heroines on screen. Maybe not together, maybe not all at once, but just existing and crossing paths. Iron Man, Captain America, Bucky Barnes, Black Widow, Falcon, Vision, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Hulk, Red-Hulk, Spiderman, Black Panther, War Machine, Ant-Man, Scarlet Witch, Crossbones, Baron Zemo, etc. etc.


One thing I am curious about, is how the movie is going to explain normal people like Hawkeye, Widow, Falcon, and even Ant-Man, War Machine and Iron Man into “registering” considering they are just highly skilled people with suits.


May 27, 2016 – X-Men: Apocalypse

The tone looks really dark. I’m curious how/if Deadpool will play into it at all. Wolverine?

I feel like this is fitting to follow Cap: Civil War because this is gonna be like X-Men: Mutants war on a level that is much different than your normal Magneto vs Prof X clash.

August 5, 2016 – Suicide Squad

The trailer at comic-con was exciting because, along with Bats v Supes, I’m really happy that DC has committed and settled on a tone for their universe.

There really isn’t all that much info out there though. What is the squad going to do? Taking on The Joker? Batman? Some foreign evil non-USA government?

October 7, 2016 – Gambit

I really like Channing Tatum as an actor, but he’s not quite Gambit to me so he’s going to have to win me over. Gambit’s lanky and suave where Tatum is more the broad-shouldered frat boy. But I’m excited. Fox does well by X-men right now so I hope they keep doing it well.

November 4, 2016 – Doctor Strange

I’m marking out at the idea of this one. I really enjoy Dr Strange in the comics and I think his origin would make for a great Batman Begins style movie, but with magic instead of ninjas. Benedict Cumberbatch is a terrific actor, I like how they’ve filled out the cast. I just can’t wait for weird magic BS to be a thing!

February 10, 2017 – Lego Batman

I love the Lego Batman games. I hope I love this movie. Lego is bae.

March 3, 2017 – Wolverine 3 (Even though there was never an official Wolverine 2)

Hope they make a more mutant-y movie this time compared to the last one. I liked it, but I want more mutants.

May 5, 2017 – Guardians of the Galaxy 2

No idea what story they’ll do as I’m not familiar at all with the Guardians. We’re at like 4 of 6 Infinity Stones I think so probably something around that. But I like that. Its a surprise for me, for the most part, which I don’t get since I know a whole bunch of comic stuff.

Hope there are some hints to… Nova? Adam Warlock? Carol Danvers?

June 9, 2017 – Fantastic Four 2

This is the definition of tentative right now. Maybe this will be some cross with X-Men.

June 23, 2017 – Wonder Woman

Is this an origin? Is she going to be fighting baddies on Themyscira? Is it going to be a terrible Zack Snyder fetish film? They’d be best off just doing a live action version of the Wonder Woman animated movie DC made a few years back. It’ll be interesting to see if Gal Gadot really has the chops for the part.

July 28, 2017 – Spiderman Marvel Reboot/Soft Reset

Oh my goodness I am so excited to see if this is any good or if it is garbage. I’m glad that it is off a bit in the future here so I can get gross Sony out of my brain.

November 3, 2017 – Thor: Ragnarok

This sounds like the Thor movie I want. Lots of space places/realm stuff and less earth. Hopefully not much Natalie Portman and more Sif. Sif rules.

November 17, 2017 – Justice League

Here’s hoping for the best! A lot of stuff is riding on this. I wonder if it’ll be all the heroes coming together to fight Darkseid considering the hints that the live-action universe will pluck stuff out of the current animated universe.

Unknown Date, 2017 – Bloodshot

Sony is taking a Variant comics character to the big screen. I know nothing about this guy, and I don’t want to so the movie is as least spoiled for me as possible. Looks like pretty dark material though.

March 23, 2018 – The Flash

I love Grant Gustin’s the Flash on TV so much that this one really needs to kick butt for me. Flash is a cheery guy, but all of DC’s movie have muted colours and are brooding. I hope, and think, they know that The Flash is more of a happy character with some silly villains. Embrace it.

May 4, 2018 – The Avengers: Infinity War Part 1

Gimme Thanos. Gimme Infinity Gauntlet. Gimme Guardians and Avengers team up. Gimme the entire hero lineup fighting against Thanos being mad OP. He’s like Shao Kahn. I need this. Also, this would be a great place to kill off a few characters and open up future movie spots. Things are starting to get crowded. And two parts makes this really interesting whether part 1 is going to be like terrible part 1 “wasting your time with 3 hours of exposition” films.

July 6, 2018 – Black Panther

FINALLY! So pumped. As far as the more background-ish Marvel characters go, Black Panther is one of my favourites. Excited to see some Batman Begins style origin story but with the Marvel flare. He’s basically King Batman.

July 13, 2018 – Unannounced X-Men Movie

Well, it isn’t Gambit. Uhh… Magneto? X-Force? Or another movie with whatever cast they’ve plucked together to be the “new” X-men team?

July 27, 2018 – Aquaman

I want them to make Aquaman cool. He’s a tough dude. Batman: The Brave and the Bold totally nailed him as a cool character instead of a lame dude. Make him like underwater Captain America.

November 2, 2018 – Captain Marvel

CAROL DANVERS! YES! I want my blonds back! Gimme a blond lady. Sick of losing my blonds (Arrow, The Flash, Cap, Johnny Storm)!

And this coming in the middle of the Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 and 2 means this is gonna be interesting. Is it like the side stories that happen during big comics? Or is this like a… flashback movie?

April 5th, 2019 – Shazam

I hope this movie is fun. I love The Rock. You can have a lot of fun with Shazam and Black Adam. Shazam is basically Kid Superman.

May 3, 2019 – Avengers: Infinity War Part 2

WOOOO! Give me three hours of crossover comic book porn.

June 14th, 2019 – Justice League 2

Please be good! Fight Lex and his buddies. Or maybe like Vandal Savage in the Doom storyline.

July 12, 2019 – The Inhumans

Really cool! Love to see the more obscure projects coming out. And they all have neat powers. Black Bolt once killed the Hulk by yelling at him.

April 3rd, 2020 – Cyborg

I don’t like Cyborg as a character. I understand why he is there to round out the team as a living super computer for tech stuff. But I always find him boring. I would have preferred Martian Manhunter or Shazam or even something obscure like Captain Atom.

June 19th, 2020 – Green Lantern Corps

I think focusing on the corps versus a single Lantern has a lot more potential. I like to think they could do something Men In Black-ish where you see the corps as an organization, doing stuff, going about their business but we focus on two Lanterns.

Unannounced date – Batman solo film

Embrace the goofier side of Batman. Fight Killer Croc and Mr Freeze

Unannounced date – Superman solo film

I actually really want this movie to be successful. I want to see the power struggle between Luthor’s ability to control almost the entire world, and Superman’s ability to be the only thing Luthor can’t control.

Also, show me Superman saving a woman from a burning building or catching a mugger or something.

Unannounced date – X-Force

I’ll be interested in seeing how this is executed. Its the X-Men but without some of the heavy hitters everyone knows. Wonder just how anti-hero they’ll take it.

Unannounced date – Sandman

I have no comment for this one. I’m not even familiar with DC’s Sandman franchise at all.

Unannounced date – Justice League Dark

This could be neat, but I’m seriously struggling to buy DC’s universe at the moment. They’ll need a few good movies to get me on board.

2016/17 I’m basically dying and going to heaven


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