32 Point Total Diva Review

I have brought my TD review to my blog because I took my ball and went home.

  1. You cannot have a 2-part finale. You have episode 10, and then 11 which is the real finale. Why not call it an 11 part finale?
  2. Natty is a horrible human being.
  3. I wonder how much E! paid those couple dudes to chant “All red everything!”
  4. Loved the dude yelling “You can’t wrestle!” and the fan talking shit right to Eva’s shit face! ❤
  5. Summer is an angel.
  6. Why would Brie invite Summer only to un-invite her? I don’t get it. Summer said “hey thanks DB for telling me that people think I’m sucking all the dicks backstage!” and Brie freaked out. Brie is horrible. She’s as bad as Natty in her entirely own shitty way.
  7. The psychodactyl is also shitty. I really didn’t think when this show started that so many of the girls would be 100% repulsive and just plain awful.
  8. Nikki’s boobs!
  9. The Bella brother is pretty shitty but still not even as shitty as Eva’s 2 fat chodes.
  10. Why do the girls even pretend they don’t know that they’re going to win/lose before a match? Shut up Ass-riane. Fucking cry more and continue to be awful. You’re career is over after your contract.
  11. Vinny’s terrific. I feel bad that he’s dating the messodactyl.
  12. Cena’s a total bro.
  13. Brie “I can’t wait for my music to fill the arena!” The divas came out in a group entrance with generic loser music.
  14. Emma <3333333333333
  15. Summer, you’re an angel. All the other girls are mad bitches to you because you’re successful and they’re all shit at wrestling and have no chance at accomplishing anything else. The Bella’s already failed, Ariane’s single debuted at N/A, same with the regulardactyl. Eva only has looks. Natty is a shit human being.
  16. Ha! The girls got moved to the buffer slot! You’re all useless. “Semi-main” you mean “buffer slot because no one cares because 3 of us in the division have talent”
  17. Looking back, DB’s booking was more protected leading into WM than I gave the WWE credit for. I still don’t think the plan was ever for him to win at WM until Dave flopped horribly though. You’ll never sell me on that.
  18. Eva doesn’t care. If she did she’d practice. “I might not be the best wrestler” you’re not a wrestler. You’re a pretty girl with the athleticism of a bamboo stick.
  19. Ellis!
  20. I feel bad for anyone that has to sell Eva’s offence. Stiff is sometimes a compliment in wrasslin. Can make moves look extra painful. She’s just plain stiff like she’s suffering through arthritis.
  21. Ladies, you did not “get the crowd back into it”
  22. Brie is ass in the ring. “AAHHHHHHHHHH” *crowd dies*
  23. I want to know where Cena gets his suits. He has nice suits. Great patterns.
  24. I feel like I know what Cena’s going through. Every time my grandmother visits/calls/emails she asks when she’s getting more great grand kids. :/
  25. Bella mom looks like a coug.
  26. Who made DB’s suit/tux? That thing is gross. Learn to dress, dawg.
  27. I hope my wedding is less shitlordy than that abomination. Fucking women ruin everything.
  28. Damn, Vinny has a sick suit on too. Armani?
  29. I hope Cena never proposed to Nikki.
  30. White people dancing…
  31. I fucking hate Brie.
  32. Summer was criminally underused this season. She’s one of the most personable people on the entire show.
  33. I’m not coming back to HB.

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