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Canada Announces Olympic Hockey Roster. Reaction and Analysis

After some hilarious dubstep, and some dry, drawn out speaches, at 11 AM EST today Steve Yzerman and Hockey Canada announced the 25 individuals who will make up Team Canada for the 2014 Sochi Olympic games. The team is comprised of 14 forwards, 8 defenceman, and 3 goalies, even though only 22 players can be dressed for a game. These 25 men will be tasked with trying to repeat as Olympic gold winners for the first time since NHL players have been allowed participation into the Winter Olympics.

Quick analysis? Among the men selected for this monumental task, there are are not that many surprises. There are a lot of fresh faces on the team with just under half never having appeared at the Olympics. The roster does not seem to be as “over thought” to the degree many were fearing. This is good, but there were some strange selections.

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Canada set to announce Olympic Team. Who will be picked?


If you thought there was a bunch of a hubbub after USA Hockey announced their roster for the 2014 Olympics, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Tuesday morning at 10:30am EST, General Manager Steve Yzerman will unveil the final 25-man Canadian squad. Half the squad is obvious no-brainers (Sidney Crosby), a quarter is guys of “almost locks” (P.K. Subban), and the last quarter is bubble players (Logan Couture).

Those bubble players will be the ones that have the potential to ignite a civil war north of the 49th parallel. It has already been widely debated who should fill out the roster. Do you go for existing chemistry from their NHL teams like Chris Kunitz and Crosby or Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook? Do you just take the best available players and hope chemistry figures itself out? Or do you look for “roles” that are “unfilled” and look to “fill” them with remaining players? Will Yzerman show loyalty to the players he selected for the 2010 team that don’t necessarily deserve a spot in 2014?

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