Stand Back! Tweeticane Coming Through!

Tweet tweet! Twitter rocks and its arguably the best social media tool out there. Can you listen? Yes. Can you talk? Yes. Can you engage? Yes. Can you energize your customers? Yes. It really is one of the ultimate social media tools. Everything is in one place.

Followers: Your audience. Your direct audience.

Hashtags and searches: Groundswellian Google.

Mentions and retweets: Conversation. Conversation sharing. Listening. Talking.

Links: Information sharing. Spread awareness.

It serves as a great top-of-the-funnel for your purchase funnel

It becomes a little more difficult to use it properly. To be honest, its hard to say exactly how to use it to accomplish your goals. There is no 100% accurate and successful plan or tips-and-tricks guide. If I knew of one, I wouldn’t be sharing it in a blog because I’d be way too busy selling it to the highest bidder and retiring in Bora Bora at the age of 23.

But since I am not that lucky, here are a few tips on engaging, tracking, and energizing your customers/followers!

  1.  Keep an eye on the trending topics. Not just the 10 or so that line up on the left side. Browse Trendsmap. Create a HootSuite account and set up a number of searches that you can keep an eye on. If you’re a big time gaming company then you should have a number of saved searches. #(company name) #(name of game)  #games #gaming #xbox #ps4 etc. Those are your conversations. Keep tabs on them. You don’t have to always insert yourself into them, but you definitely should be listening. If you notice a trend in your trends then you just got quality information that probably came a lot cheaper than some in-depth R&D.
  2. Don’t be stupid. Kenneth Cole found this out the hard way. Don’t use #Egypt or #Syria when you’re promoting new kitchenware or surround sound.  Don’t make borderline jokes. Too many people are thin skinned and with enough of an uproar you’ll find that even people that don’t care will get on their soapboxes just for something to do. You’re the “one” in the one-to-many. “With great power comes great responsibility.”2011-02-03-kennethcole22011-02-03-kennethcole2
  3. If you’re not on Twitter, get on it and make sure no one is pretending you are. You don’t need your own “Janet” on the internet causing you trouble. Go lock up your company name. If you’re big enough, get it verified. Now you don’t have to be tweeting every day, especially if you’re Technographic Profile has nothing going for it on Twitter, but be semi-active so you’re not a dead account and so that people know that you’re probably the real account too.

There you go. A 400 word guide to using Twitter.


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