Technology of the groundswell

Do you know how social media works?  Most people have no idea and are afraid to admit it. They assume Facebook acts just like Twitter acts like all the rest of them. Don’t be silly. That’d be like assuming a toaster and a television are the same thing because they both plug into the wall.


Twitter has to grab attention or people will just scan right over it. Think of tweeting as an entrance theme to a professional wrestler. Those songs have 5 seconds to pop and make the crowd hyped. All the best wrestling themes are distinct and are designed to that the opening grabs your attention. Glass breaking? Fruity trumpets?  Girls making sexy sounds? . Twitter works in the same way. You gotta grab attention in only 140 characters, quite often less, (5 seconds) to convince someone to click your link or follow you (get hyped).

Facebook is more like a movie, TV or video game trailer, or even just a commercial. With bigger posting space, the ability to add images, a status and links all in one block you have to make the most of it, and people read their Facebook’s differently than their Twitters.  Why waste any of the space you’re given? It would be like Budweiser spending 4 million on a Super Bowl ad to have half of it be dead air time.  Have an image that makes people stop scrolling, make a catchy title like “Taylor Swift dating no-name Canadian college student?” then have an image that grabs attention. A picture is worth 1000 words.


The main point is that you have to understand how people participate in that form of social media. The 5w’s+how? Is it a 2-way forum? Is everything user-generated? Is it optimized on mobile? If someone is participating on something like a forum for a company or news site, fictionally-not-so-fictionally the Bioware Social Network, and that web page is awful to deal with from a mobile device, then you’re missing out on time/content that your community could be adding to the community or even the company itself. Maybe it is best to create a proper app, because they generally make things quicker,  if you’re a larger company. Or if you’re a smaller one, make a compatible web page.

The world is mobile in 2013. It’s best to stop treating it like 2003.


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